Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Are You Outdoorzy?

I've been exploring a new site the past day or so, and I'm finding a lot to love. It's called, and it has some excellent resources for all the things I love to do outside, including hiking, backpacking, adventure racing, kayaking, and a lot more. You'll find trip reports, gear reviews, regional destination suggestions, even a very nice events calendar. There are even some great forums, broken down by a myriad of activities, and while there isn't a whole lot of traffic in those forums just yet, I can see them being a really nice resource in the future.

So, head on over, take a long for yourself, then create a profile and join the community yourself. I think you'll find a lot to like. Be sure to bookmark before you leave too. You just might want to return on a regular basis. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of The Adventure Blog is a great blog, I've found myself reading some of your archives this morning.

Thanks again!

Adventure Junkie said...

Hi Wade!

Thanks for you comments on my blog. I love your site too, and I know I'll be frequenting it often. Keep up the great work.

somebody said...