Friday, December 03, 2010

Helmet Cam Captures "Speedflying" in Chamonix

We've seen a few videos of "speedflying," as it is defined in this video, before. It's a combination of skiing and paragliding down mountains that looks like it would be a complete blast while also being completely insane at the same time. This video shows both aspects as the filmmakers glide down the beautiful mountains in Chamonix, France.

One of the more interesting aspects of the video is that it was completely shot with the GoPro Hero HD helmet cam, which just demonstrates how far these little gadgets have come in the past few years. The quality is excellent and the footage is captured very well.

Now who wants to go skiing in France?


Tom Stark said...

Wow, that looks absolutely sick! Great quality too. My only worry about the GoPro is that it's box-shaped. Doesn't that drag more in the wind than a cylinder-shaped helmet cam?

Adventure Junkie said...

You would think so Tom, but considering how popular the GoPro's are, it doesn't seem to be deterring their use much.