Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jesse Coombs Drops 94-Foot Abiqua Falls In Oregon

Here's a great video for aspiring adventure filmmakers. It shows paddler Jesse Coombs making a descent of Abiqua Falls in Oregon, a drop of 94-feet. But that is just the final portion of the video, which spends a good amount of time showing us how the video was shot and everything that the filmmakers had to go through to capture the drop. That included rigging up a zipline above the water for a cameraman as well. Really interesting stuff.

I found the video at the First Ascent blog earlier, and there is more information about how it was made and the kayak descent as well. Read the article here and enjoy the video below.


Anonymous said...

around 29 meters (for non-US readers)

Adventure Junkie said...

Thanks! I usually remember to convert, but slipped my mind this time!

Duba Fun Holidays said...

great post..loved going through your blog!!