Monday, April 18, 2011

Ueli Conquers Shisha Solo In 10.5 Hours!

So, I had no more than finished writing the post below this one about all the happenings in the Himalaya, when I came across this story over at about Ueli already knocking off Shishapangma! It seems that he arrived in Base Camp last week, and two days later made a summit bid.

According to Climbing, Ueli and Don Bowing made the climb up to ABC, located at 5,800 meters (19,029 ft) on Saturday. Don wasn't feeling ready yet for an attempt, so Ueli made a solo summit bid at 10 PM that night. By 9 AM yesterday morning he was on top of the mountain, and both he and Don were back in Base Camp just 20 hours after they left.

All I can say is WOW! Ueli never ceases to amaze me. While he has been acclimatizing throughout the region in preparation for this Himalayan Hat Trick, it is still amazing to read about his exploits. Keep thi sin mind, it is doubtful that there are even fixed ropes to the summit of Shisha yet, so for Steck to climb solo, and that fast, is simply incredible.

Congrats to Ueli on already taking down the first of his 8000 meter peaks. Good luck with the remaining two.


Tom UK said...

wow... how the hell does that man do it! Incredible effort.

Adventure Junkie said...

No idea Tom. He is a machine.

AC Compressors said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ueli,

What time of day did you start your climb? What time of day did you reach the summit?

Is your record unofficial?

What does "10.5 hours" mean? Is this a rounded time. "About 10.5 hours"? Wouldn't a precise time have the exact minutes from the watch or stopwatch?

Why didn't you use people to verify your time?

Do you have a summit photo for this climb?

Adventure Junkie said...

Details of the climb are still coming out, but you can rest assured that Ueli completed the climb and in the time that he said he did. His reputation is beyond reproach, and his track record is well documented.

Don Bowie was in ABC with Ueli, who may not have been going for a record at all. He wanted to climb fast and light, which is his style, and that is what he did.

Please don't try to stir up controversy where there is none.

Belgian Adventurer said...

Ueli's secret ? easy:
work, work, work hard on your climbing technique, train, train hard on cardio walking up the hills above 10.000 feet.
Repeat the above 1000 times and you'll become a climbing machine. say.

I've seen Ueli's video on his record on Eiger. It blew me away. His personality ? this guy can't lie, he seems like a passioned kid.
He made it, no doubt.

Adventure Junkie said...

Totally agree LouPhi. My take exactly. The guy works hard and loves to climb. I have zero doubt that he accomplished what he set out to do.

Hello said...

Adventure Junkie said...
Details of the climb are still coming out

No summit photo, yet mass world-wide publicity? A little late for "details of the climb are still coming out." ?

Please note Christian Stangl is only one of many.

Maybe keep in mind -- when each of these climbers are challenged their responses -- like Stangl's -- are "I do it for myself" "The climber's reputation provides the validity" and on and on. Pure genius! Evasive! And the media falls for it.

A children's game with these "records". No summit photos, no start photos, no timers, no witnesses at the start or summit.

Secret climbs. Yet after the climbs? Run to the media! Major press. Sponsors!


Hello said...

Maybe this is his summit photo! WOWWWWW! The summit!!!

Oh wait. Where's the summit!!!! It's just blue sky! Oh well. If he says it's the summit then it is! Ok wonderful!!!!!!!

From Explorers Web
Summit picture identifying the explorer, the summit features and surroundings.
1) Summit photo
2) Summit photo that shows the summit!

sam said...
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sheena said...
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