Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Video: Pro Kayakers Make 800 Meter Descent of a Drainage Ditch

This is the wildest video I've seen in some time. It features pro kayakers Rush Sturges and Ben Marr flying down a draining ditch at Lion's Bay, in British Columbia, Canada. In total, the two men drop approximately 800 meters (2265 feet), while achieving speeds in excess of 72 km/hr (45 mph). All of the action is caught on their trusty GoPro cameras of course. Hold on tight for this one.


Anonymous said...

That's wild. I noticed its the same drainage from videos you posted of kayakers in Feb. and April. Any reason this drainage is so popular recently?

Kraig Becker said...

I think it is just a known quantity, with good water flow, and lots of speed. Certainly fun to watch. Wouldn't try it myself though.