Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Video: Reinhold Messner Talks Mountaineering, Adventure, and More

Reinhold Messner is a true legend in mountaineering. He is the first man to climb all 14 8000-meter peaks, and he pioneered the idea of climbing without the use of supplemental oxygen. As you can imagine, he has seen and done a lot of amazing things throughout his career. In the video below, he shares his thoughts on a number of topics, and offers some advice to young climbers today. If you're not familiar with Messner, this video is a great introduction. If you already know all about him, it is a good reminder of the impact that he has had on mountaineering. Great stuff as always from National Geographic.

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Martin Čorovčák said...

I have a dream too, one day I would be a mountaineer too. But I have a problem, I have a fear of heights. :( But really, amazing post and video too. Stay adventurous and never give up! :)