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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Video: Traveling Overland From Switzerland to Mongolia

This amazing video was shot on what must have been an epic road trip from Switzerland to Mongolia. Along the way, the filmmakers captured thousands of fantastic images as they passed through  Italy, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The landscapes the discovered along the way will leave you breathless, and inspire a healthy dose of wanderlust too. This is what overland travel is all about, and it is utterly spectacular.

Latitude 45 - Switzerland to Mongolia from Milo Zanecchia on Vimeo.


Hans Baer said...

Why do people publish these 3 min videos that in the end tell you nothing: no narration, no depth and sometimes no real topic. Is this one supposed to be a trailer to wet your appetite for a big video or what? It would be so exciting to see indeed some details, with narration of such an exciting trip. But just throwing a few shots, of who knows from where and about what, at you seems to have no purpose. Too bad.

KimKo said...

I think it's really nice, they wanted to share their adventure......and it clearly says from Switzerland to Monoglia.... No need for narration. ;-)

jowes said...

I enjoyed it and wanted to follow suit!

Sam said...

Nice film and enjoyed it, but agree with Hans!