Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Video: Rare Footage of Dian Fossey Narrating Her Life with Mountain Gorillas

This short clip comes straight from the National Geographic archives, and includes footage of famed zoologist Dian Fossey as she narrates her own interactions with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. She spent 18 years studying these great primates, writing a book called Gorillas in the Mist that was later turned into a film starring Sigourney Weaver. In 1985, Fossey was brutally killed in her cabin in Rwanda, but her great work continues to inspire others who have followed in her footsteps. Hear her share some of the insights she discovered in her own words in this video.

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Rodrigo Langeani said...

Awesome video!
Those were the real adventurers. Thank you for sharing this.
Cheers from Brazil!