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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gear Closet: Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Hatchet

Say what you will about Bear Grylls but the man certainly is a survivor. And I'm not just talking about his talent for staying alive in the wilderness. It wasn't all that long ago that he was weathering the storm of the revelation that his television show Man vs. Wild had staged some segments for dramatic effect. At the time, it was quite a scandal in the outdoor world, but Bear has proven to be a resilient guy and he has managed to put that speed bump behind him and become more popular than ever.

The Bear Grylls name has proven valuable to gear companies too. He has put his name on a line of clothing from Craghoppers, a nifty new stand-up paddleboard/tent combo and a number of knives and other tools from Gerber. I've had the good fortune of testing and reviewing several items in the Bear Grylls Gerber catalog and I have continually come away impressed. The blades are always high quality, the handles are sturdy and each of the products comes across as a well designed and built for use in the backcountry. Recently I got my hands on the Bear's Survival Hatchet and true to form it continues the legacy of a high quality and useful tool that you'll want in your pack.

First impressions are always important with any piece of gear and this hatchet makes a good one. It feels incredibly sturdy and well balanced in your hand. The hand axe weighs a mere 20.8 ounces (590 g) but when it strikes its target it hits with more punch than that weight would typically imply. That means this is a tool that feels great on your pack but still offers plenty of power when it comes time to put it to use.

The hatchet's rubberized handle make it easy to grip, even in wet conditions. It has a couple of finger notches ergonomically incorporated into the base, closer to the blade itself, that help you to wield the axe with more precision when doing fine fork. Slide your hand further down the handle when you need to strike with power. Either way, this is a hatchet that can handle all of your backcountry needs without missing a beat.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Who Wants A Bear Grylls-Branded Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard That Converts To A Tent?

From the "now I've seen everything" category we get a new inflatable stand-up paddleboard from Coreban that also has the ability to serve as your tent while out on your SUP adventures. And if that wasn't enough of an incentive to buy, the board also comes full endorsed by none other than Bear Grylls himself.

The new system is called the Ultimate Adventure Tent and it features a specially built shelter that is designed to wrap around Coreban's existing Scout inflatable SUP board. The tent uses three poles – one on the nose and two on either side of the board at the back – to keep the structure in place. When it is full assembled there is room for one occupant with the Scout actually serving as a sleeping pad, which is actually rather ingenious. Mesh sides allow fresh air to get in while keeping insects at bay.

The system has been designed for expedition paddleboarding on rivers, lakes and other relatively calm bodies of water. It includes a waterproof bag for keeping the tent and other camping gear dry while paddling all day and the Scout has integrated cargo nets on the front and rear to ensure essential gear doesn't easily get washed away. In short, it should be just about everything you need to spend a few days or weeks exploring your favorite waterway.

There is no word yet on when the Ultimate Adventure Tent/Scout SUP board will ship. The design is still being tweaked an Coreban has been relatively tight lipped on its specifications at this point. Still, considering how popular stand-up paddleboarding has become in recent years, this has the potential to be an interesting product. There is no word on cost either.

Thanks to Gizmag for sharing.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Attend The Bear Grylls Survival Academy And Learn To Drink Urine, Eat Bugs

Well known television personality and adventurer Bear Grylls has announced that he is bringing his Survival Academy to the U.S. giving outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to learn how to survive in the wilderness using techniques that Bear has developed himself. If you've ever watched Man vs. Wild, I'll leave it up to you to decide if that is a good thing.

All kidding aside, the program does offer to teach attendees how to survive in the backcountry. They'll learn such skills as how to tie nots, navigate through wilderness terrain and how to administer emergency first aid. They'll also learn how to find food, build a shelter and travel safely through tough environments. There are a variety of course options available, including 24-hour options for adults and families, as well as a five-day ultimate survival option that will test the skills that are learned.

The U.S. version of the survival academy will kick off in November and will take place in the Catskills Mountains of New York state. The actual official dates have not been made clear just yet, but you'll find more information on the course on the Bear Grylls Survival Academy website. No word on U.S. pricing yet either, but the 24-hour adult course costs £349 in the U.K., which roughly translates to about $530.

From what I can tell, Bear won't actually be teaching the course but will instead have certified instructors running the seminars. They'll use his approved techniques but how much direct influence he'll have on the actual training remains to be seen. I'm guessing that the techniques that will be taught will resemble more traditional survival training and not the kind of extreme stuff that Bear is known for on his television show.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Video: Behind The Scenes On Bear Grylls Air Safety Video

Last week I shared a funny safety video that Bear Grylls made for New Zealand Air. It mixed Bear's trademark outlandish survival tips with a huge dash of humor to convey the message. Judging from the feedback and the number of views on that post, I'd say it was a hit.

Now we have  a follow-up video with some behind the scenes footage from the making of that safety film. It gives us a glimpse of the tremendous effort that went into making the safety film, which turns out was quite a production. It seems like it was a lot of fun to make and the three young boys steal the show.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video: Bear Grylls Gives Airplane Safety Demo For New Zealand Air

When Air New Zealand went looking for a new spokesman to give their safety demo they decided it was a good idea to bring Bear Grylls in to educate passengers. The video below demonstrates Bear's unique ability to offer his own brand of survival and safety advice, which we all know isn't typically for us mere mortals. After checking out the funny video, hop over to to enter a contest to win a trip for two to New Zealand.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bear Grylls Returns To Discovery Channel

It appears that Bear Grylls and the Discovery Channel have patched up their relationship and are going into business with one another once again. Earlier this week it was announced that Grylls would return to the network with a new show entitled Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivor. Discovery had ordered 6 one-hour episodes to begin airing later in the year.

Ultimate Survivor will take a bit of a different spin from Grylls original show, Man vs. Wild. This time out, the show will tell true stories of ordinary people put into extraordinary survival situations. The show will dramatically reenact elements of those stories as a set up for Grylls, who will then try to duplicate the feat of person who survived the events in the first place. Those situations could include surviving a plane crash in the Amazon, getting stranded in the desert or lost in the mountains. 

Bear's return to Discovery comes less than a year after he and the network parted ways in a dispute over projects that he was contacted to do but wasn't taking part in. Obviously there weren't too many hard feeling about the way things ended, as it seems both parties are eager to work with one another again.

The announcement of this new show comes on the heals of Bear joining forces with NBC for a new reality show that should be set to air later this year as well. Exactly what that show will be about remains a bit nebulous, although I suspect we'll find out this summer. Either way, fans of Grylls will be seeing a lot more of him soon. 

Thanks to Outside Online for the tip!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Gear Closet: Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

A few years back I reviewed the Bear Grylls Folding Sheath knife, finding it to be a well built and very functional piece of gear to have in your pack in case of emergency. At the time, the Bear Grylls line of products from Gerber was relatively new, but it was clear that the company had put a lot of thought into its design and construction. Fast forward to 2013 and the Bear Grylls line has continued to evolve with subtle improvements and changes to the formula being implemented over time.

Recently, my friends at the Outdoor Pros sent me the top of line BG Ultimate Knife for review and I was eager to put it to the test. Considering how much I liked the first Bear Grylls knife that I used, this new version has some high expectations and standards to meet. Turns out I needn't have worried however, as the Ultimate Knife lives up to its name, offering everything you could hope for and a lot more.

The knife's carbon stainless steel blade is just shy of five inches in length and offers both a fine and serrated edge, which gives it a nice level of versatility. A very comfortable, rubberized handle provides a sturdy grip and a nice feel in the hand, which helps to make deft and precision cuts when necessary. The base of the handle is capped with a stainless steel end that can serve as a hammer in a pinch, while the sturdy construction gives you the feeling that his is a knife that can stand up to plenty of punishment.

The Ultimate Knife is lightweight and well balanced which adds to the overall feeling of confidence when holding it in your hand. Additionally, the blade held a nice edge and did a nice job of slicing through rope, wood, plastic and a variety of other materials. My model was sharp out of the package, although I did spend a little time honing the edge a bit further before testing.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

NBC Casting For New Bear Grylls/Adventure Show

NBC has announced that they are casting for a new outdoor adventure show to be hosted by everyone's favorite wildman, Bear Grylls. The show, which doesn't have a name yet, will pit teams of two against one another in a remote wilderness setting, with the winning team awarded a substantial cash prize. Exactly how much cash hasn't been revealed yet either. The show's description simply reads: "Teams of two will be dropped in a remote wilderness location; make it to the end and win the reward of a lifetime!"

To audition to be on the show, simply send an email to That email should includes the names of the two teammates, relationship to one another, occupations, short biographies, photos and contact information. Also include a brief message about why you should be picked to appear on the show. Applicants must be legal U.S. residents and be 21 years of age by February 1st, 2013. If selected, a valid U.S. passport is required, which leads me to believe that the show will take place in another country.

That is about all the details we know so far, but it sounds like the show is similar to The Amazing Race or Expedition: Impossible. Of course, having Bear as the host will bring some character and attention to the program and it will be interesting to see which setting the competition is set in and what challenges they'll give to the competitors.

So, if you have a good partner, go ahead and sign up. Who knows, you might be the next big reality TV star.