Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Video: Running the UTMB with Anton Krupicka

A few weeks back, hundreds of runners lined up to take on the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a grueling run around Mont Blanc that crosses through France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is widely considered to be amongst the toughest foot races in the world, and a true test for ultra-runners. The video below takes us through that amazing event with runner Anton (Tony) Krupicka, who is a member of the Buff Pro Team. The 5+ minute clip gives us some insights into the mind of these runners, while also sharing some fantastic images from the race itself.

Anton (Tony) Krupicka UTMB 2014 - BUFF® PRO TEAM from VĂ­ctor Rins on Vimeo.


Claude Diamond said...

no video here???

Kraig Becker said...

Still working on my end, but here is the direct link: