Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Video: Katabatic - Episode 4: The First Ascent of Bertha's Tower in Antarctica

If you've been waiting patiently for the fourth episode in EpicTV's Katabatic series, your wait is finally over. The latest video can be found below, and it features explorers Mike Libecki, Freddie Wilkinson, Cory Richards and Keith Ladzinski as they attempt the first ascent of Bertha's Tower in Antarctica. This is challenging climbing in one of the most remote settings on the planet, and if you've watched the previous episodes of the series, you know how far the team has come just to reach this point. The Katabatic series is modern exploration and adventure at its finest, and should not be missed by anyone who reads this blog.


Dorothy Y. Felton said...

Awesome adventure! Amazing sights and exhilarating views. Nothing but wow moments as I watched them climb.

Kraig Becker said...

Agreed Dorothy. This is an extraordinary series, and it has been amazing to watch it unfold.