Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Video: Trail Fighter - From Mixed Martial Arts to Ultrarunning

The subject of this video is a man named Kyle Dietz, who was once a professional mixed martial arts fighter, but has now transitioned into becoming an ultrarunner instead. The clip gives us insights into what drives Kyle as he trains for the RUT50k, an ultramarathon held in Big Sky, Montana. As he prepares you get a sense that the same traits that helped him succeed in the ring – dedication, determination, and focus – will also prove valuable in his new endeavor as well. Beautifully shot, and compelling to watch, this is a fantastic short film for anyone looking for inspiration.

Thanks to the Gear Junkie for sharing.

Trail Fighter Official Video from Fitsok on Vimeo.


T.C. said...

Thanks for sharing our film :)

Kraig Becker said...

Absolutely my pleasure! I have to show some support for a fellow Iowa boy!